About Us


The Nourishing Connections Food Club is completely member-operated, and participation by all members is essential to the club being successful.

Each member picks a NCFC job to assist in the club’s operation. Two major jobs are product coordinators and sorters. Members use a web-based database to place orders. The product coordinator then places the group’s order with the source and processes the invoices in our database. Product coordinators may also pay for the entire order upfront and be reimbursed by members. Sorters assist in separating products once they have been received.

The club meets as a group to exchange products. Members reimburse the coordinators for their purchases. Meetings
are also used as an opportunity to share information and build relationships with each other. Special events may also
coincide with meetings but may also be held separately.

Supporting local families and farmers
Nourishing Connections Food Club (NCFC) is committed to supporting local families and farmers. NCFC strives to
reach this goal by:
1. Obtaining affordable, delicious, nutrient-dense, and ethically produced products
2. Educating ourselves about our food system and our health
3. Creating a community of people connected to each other and to those who produce our food
NCFC facilitates members’ ability to obtain nutrient-dense foods and healthier household supplies directly from
independent farms, small businesses and cottage industries. We believe this is how we can best support our local
producers and build a viable local economy. NCFC members also receive the benefit of discounts as a result of group
purchasing power. By purchasing as a group, NCFC often qualifies for wholesale pricing, receives discounts on bulk
products and discounts for meeting ordering minimums. This allows us to provide the most affordable and fair prices
while supporting our sources' ability to make a suitable living.
NCFC purchases organic, seasonal and fairly traded products whenever possible. Although not all products have
official certification, our food is produced ethically and sustainably to the best of our knowledge. This means that
products are produced in a manner that enhances the well-being of the producers, consumers and the environment in
the present and in the future. Members have often met the farmers and visited their farms. We choose farmers who
produce traditional foods and we buy the same food they feed their families. Some sources (such as Frontier) carry
products that do not meet these criteria and are identified in the database (i.e., organic or not, country of origin,
manufacturer). Members make their own determinations about what to order.
NCFC encourages members to educate themselves and each other about the connections between how we purchase
food, the economy, the environment and our health. By educating ourselves about where our food comes from, we
also gain an understanding of the risks and obstacles faced by our local farmers. Members also often work for
legislation that supports our goals, small farmers and other independent businesses.
NCFC facilitates opportunities for education, community building and action. Members are invited to special events,
such as presentations, workshops, educational movies and social events. Members also share information and
opportunities with each other through discussion groups, forums and a shared Wiki. Sections include food, garden
and health, and common themes are resource conservation and self-sufficiency. We also offer a lending library where
members are able to share resources such as DVDs and books